Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Supported by Novel Stem Cell Therapy and Educational Intervention

Release Date: 19-Nov-2020

A novel clinical trial is focused towards combining the strategies of stem cell therapy as well as educational intervention in the treatment of the patients suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The respective clinical research study is getting done in collaboration with some of the elite universities in the world such as Stanford University and Keele University. As per the researchers involved in the clinical trials study, stem cell therapy has already shown its promising applications in case of treating sever disease conditions such as cerebral palsy, cerebral trauma, spinal cord injury, therefore, the therapy in broader terms can be applicable for the treatment of the patients suffering from ASD.


Therefore, the researchers are inclined towards investigating the safety, all the other clinical outcomes related with high-dosage autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell (BMMNC) transplantation combined with educational intervention. It was observed that there were changes in social communication, eye contact, language, behaviors and daily skills after 18 months. There was a decline in the hyperactive disorder by 50% in the enrolled participants. Positive changes were observed in majority of the patients. There was a progressive improvement in the patients, indicating sustainable long-term effect due to the treatment. It was concluded from the research that mode of action of stem cell therapy is extensive as it is leading towards progress in treating the patients with ASD.


The scientific rationale developed due to stem cell therapy is revealing full potential against ASD. The reduction in the autism spectrum disorder condition observed due to stem cell therapy is very encouraging and it is estimated that the respective findings have opened ample amount of opportunities for the researchers to take the stem cell therapy forward and develop it into translational medicine approach for the patients who haven’t received any efficient therapy for prolonged period of time.

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