Emergence Of Anti TIGIT Antibodies Immunotherapy

Release Date: 07-Feb-2023

The continuous research being conducted in identifying new potential targets for cancer treatment has led to the recognition of TIGIT as a possible immune checkpoint target. Undoubtedly, one of the most prevailing achievements in cancer treatment in the past decade has been the introduction of immunotherapy related therapies like immune checkpoint inhibitors. TIGIT is a checkpoint receptor expressed on immune cells which are coming out to be one such possible target that inhibits the immune system’s natural ability to detect and kill cancer cells.


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T cell immunoreceptor with Ig and ITIM domains (TIGIT) is an inhibitory receptor which is expressed on several types of lymphocytes. The possible use of antibody blockade of TIGIT in cancer immunotherapy is being widely investigated in both clinical and pre-clinical studies. Several clinical trials on TIGIT-blockade have been initiated, predominately focusing on combinational treatments. The primary results have shown promising results for combined TIGIT and PDL-1 blockade in solid cancer patients. The extensive research in the area has led to the comprehensive global interest on the current pipeline of TIGIT inhibitor drugs which are in various stages of clinical development.


Several major pharmaceutical companies are moving ahead, increasing the future potential of TIGIT inhibitors. There are over 18 TIGIT inhibitor companies which are evaluating more than 20 TIGIT inhibitors and are anticipating their product acceptance in the market. Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, BeiGene, Arcus Biosciences, iTeos Therapeutics, Phio Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Thera Solutions, Compugen and several others are currently leading the TIGIT inhibitor market with their novel drug candidates.


The robust research and development has led to the recognition of TIGIT as potential immune checkpoint inhibitor. It is considered an important target because of its unique expression profile. Researchers believe that anti-TIGIT antibodies can potentially be a next generation immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy having the ability to overcome the limitations possessed by previously existing immune checkpoint inhibitors. Arcus Biosciences is developing two investigational anti-TIGIT monoclonal antibodies; Domvanalimab and AB308, both of which bind to TIGIT and may enable CD155:CD226 interaction and subsequent immune cell activation.


The advancement in this sector has led upto several pharmaceutical collaborations among big international players looking to fastening their research programs. Recently, Junshi Biosciences and Coherus Bioscience have announced  a collaborative agreement which allows Coherus to initiate its option to license Junshi Bioscience’s anti-TIGIT antibody, JS-006 in the US and China. With these kinds of collaborative agreements in sight, the growth of anti-TIGIT antibodies will transform the overall immunotherapy market as the pipeline of novel anti-TIGIT antibodies is highly crowded, suggesting a promising future for the market.


Furthermore, in June 2021, GSK and iTeos Therapeutics together announced an agreement to co-develop and co-commercialize EOS-448 which is an anti-TIGIT monoclonal antibody currently undergoing its phase I development. Additionally, another monoclonal antibody, BAT6021 by BioThera Solutions having enhanced ADCC targeting TIGIT has begun its phase I clinical study to evaluate the pharmacokinetics, safety and preliminary anti-tumor activity of its candidate.


With rapid investments in the area and the rapid clinical trials which are evaluating the role of anti-TIGIT, the market opportunity looks flourishing. Our report focuses on providing with the current global scenario of anti-TIGIT antibodies with separate focus on regional market analysis, the driving and challenging factors related to market growth. The report also consists of the competitive landscape, with combined information on the commercially available drugs, about their patent, price, dosage and sales analysis.

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