AMG-509 Targeting Prostate Cancer Patients Expressing STEAP1 Protein

Release Date: 15-Nov-2020

Immunotherapy has always remained as a novel therapeutic for number of complex diseases specifically cancer. Now-a-days, a novel immunotherapy drug called as AMG 509 is getting evaluated for its activity in treating prostate cancer cells which expresses STEAP1. As per the clinical research activity, the novel immunotherapy drug has been able to show potent anti-tumor activity in vivo. The drug is currently getting evaluated in phase 1 first-in-human study in patients with relapsed or refractory metastatic CRPC.


The drug candidate that is under investigation is a bispecific monoclonal antibody which is directed against epithelial antigen of the prostate 1 (STEAP1)andndash;expressing cells. The drug consists of two humanized anti-STEAP1 Fab domains, single anti-CD3 chain variable fragment that binds T cells and an effectorless Fc domain to extend the half-life of the drug. The drug is specifically designed to redirect T-effector cells to kill STEAP1-expressing cells, which is a prostate specific target.


The drug candidate is estimated to trigger the activation as well as proliferation of the patient’s immune cells such ad T cells so that the prostate cancer cells could be killed efficiently. In all the in-vitro analysis of the drug candidate, the drug was able to show T-cellandndash;mediated destruction of STEAP-1-expressing cancer cells in case of prostate cancer cells as well as Ewing sarcoma cancer cell lines. In case of prostate xenograft model, the drug also showed increased infiltration of T cells. The overall clinical research study is estimated to enrol 40 patients in the first phase and 30 patients in the second phase of the clinical research study. Further aims of the researchers working on the respective clinical trial will be identifying safety, pharmacokinetic parameters, prostate-specific antigen response, objective response rate, circulating tumor cell response and tolerability of the drug candidate

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