BRAF and MEK Inhibitor Drugs to end the Resistance Developed by the Melanoma Patients

Release Date: 26-Nov-2020

For the overall improvement of the progression free survival as well as duration of response in the patients suffering from BRAF-mutated melanoma, researchers suggest that the addition of anti-PD-1 as well as PD-L1 to BRAF and MEK inhibitors will be enough. The already approved BRAF as well as MEK inhibitors for the cancer patients have led to expected response rates in the patients suffering from melanoma but with BRAF mutation. Although, the therapy approved for the melanoma patients is full of healthcare benefits but there is a certain limitation associated with it i.e. development of resistance.

Majority of the patient who receive the approved drugs under BRAF as well as MEK inhibitors receive disease progression. Therefore, researchers involved in the respective study are focused towards developing some strategies that could overcome the resistance in the patients. It is observed by the researchers that the combination of both the inhibitors could be responsible for causing an influx in the CD8 as well as CD4 T cells and in overall generation of a microenvironment that favors tumor killing. Therefore, it is concluded by the researchers that such strategy could be efficient in generating a strong immune response in the patients.

The clinical trials with respect to the combination as well as single therapy were done, which altogether implied that the combination of the drug was better for the patients in terms of healthcare benefits. It was concluded by the researchers that the combination of immune checkpoint inhibitors could end the resistance developed in the patients and will be categorized as a novel treatment regimen for the patients.

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