UAE Halal Cosmetics Market Opportunity Analysis

  • No. of Pages: 35
  • Publish Date: June-2013
  • Category: Retail and Consumer Goods
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UAE has emerged as an exceptionally attractive market for cosmetic companies to introduce their new products as it is one of the largest beauty markets in the world and is endorsed by affluent clientele. The demographic variety of consumers that are spread within the UAE translates into a diverse market that allows companies to offer variety of product across varied price spectrum. While the market for luxury products has a large clientele in the UAE, there is also a strong market for regular, value-for-money product lines. Although the cosmetics market is dominated by women’s products, spending by men is also on the rise. 

Cosmetics market in UAE is witnessing a new drift towards the increasing demand of Halal certified cosmetics products. The exponentially increasing preference for Halal cosmetics products has led to change in the business strategy of the local as well as international companies present in the market. Companies are now changing their product assortment in order to accommodate the growing demand for Halal cosmetics products due to transition in the customer preference for Halal products.

Halal certification and acceptance of Halal products had been widespread in the hospitality, food, packaging, banking and finance industries in the Middle East and specifically in the Saudi Arabia and UAE. In the food sector, Halal consciousness is especially high among consumers as well as the governments. However, the demand for Halal cosmetics and beauty products is not as strong. With increasing consumer awareness and a willingness to pay for quality products, the scenario is changing, thereby transforming the cosmetics and personal care industry into a potential sunrise segment for the region.

Consumers are now verifying the contents of the cosmetics that are most used by them for animal based ingredients that may not be Halal. However, there exist constraints on the supply side. There is a dearth of Halal-certified cosmetics brands in the UAE market. The existing players are small and this has led to a fragmented nature of the market. None of the multinational cosmetics companies present in the UAE offer Halal friendly products. This continues to remain a problem due to the absence of a local certification body.

“UAE Halal Cosmetics Market Opportunity Analysis” research report by KuicK Research is an intriguing text that gives detailed facts and analysis on latest developments in the UAE Halal cosmetics Market. Report discusses various segments of the Halal cosmetics market and analyzes the factors responsible for the growth and the need to resolve challenges to maintain growth momentum in future. 

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