Researchers Focused towards Novel Cancer Vaccine to Stop Cancer Cells from Re-growing

Release Date: 25-Nov-2020

Vaccines are found to be effective in the treatment of cancer cells. The gene that is targeted by the vaccine is called as KRAS gene and it is estimated to be mutated in case of different types of cancers such as bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer. According to a research conducted, the foul activity of KRAS gene in the body makes the cells in the body undergo continuous multiplication, leading to the development of cancer cells. But it is observed that with correct immune system pathway involvement, this could be slowed down. Researchers in order to trigger immune response have developed vaccines against these mutations.


The primary goal of the researchers here is to develop a cancer vaccine that are able to deliver a long-lasting protection against the cancer cells. As per the clinical research outcome, the vaccine developed by the researchers was successful in slowing down the cancer growth in mice and it is witnessed that it was able to stop the cancer cells from growing for a long period of time. Also, the developed vaccine by the researchers is witnessed to develop very few side effects in the patients. It is estimated that the arrival of such vaccine in the market will completely transform the cancer vaccine market as well as cancer therapeutics market at global level.

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