Global Microcapsules Drug Delivery Market Opportunity Outlook 2022

  • No. of Pages: 140
  • Publish Date: June-2017
  • Category: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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“Global Microcapsules Drug Delivery Market Opportunity Outlook 2022”   report gives comprehensive insight on various clinical and non-clinical aspects in the advancement and integration of microcapsule technologies in the ongoing drug delivery mechanism. As per report findings, microencapsulation has proven to be a valuable tool for the pharmaceutical industry from the past several years. Under the scientific revolutionizing arena, development of the microencapsulation turned out to be the favorable pioneering approach. Since then, dozens of encapsulation techniques and thousands of formulations form a wide range of combinations have been designed in command to solve most difficult formulation problems.
“Global Microcapsules Drug Delivery Market Opportunity Outlook 2022”   report highlights:
  • Characterization and Engineering Technology of Microcapsules
  • Applicability of Microcapsules in Drug Delivery
  • Global Market Perspectives of Microcapsules
  • Global Microcapsule Market Dynamics
  • Future Indication of Microcapsules
The pharmaceuticals companies are trending towards the micro sized structures in biomedicine research due to its excellent isolation protection and controlled release characteristics have attracted attention. Researchers actively explored the application of microencapsulated cell transplantation and microencapsulated drugs in the treatment of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver failure, tumor etc. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly adopting drug delivery technologies to differentiate their products in the highly competitive environment.
The commercial market for micro capsulated products have gained potential momentum and are on the surge of expanding their parameter for advanced drug delivery technologies. Indeed, advanced drug delivery systems are widely researched and developed to improve the delivery of pharmaceutical compounds and molecules. The last few decades have seen a marked growth of the field fueled by increased number of researchers, research funding, venture capital and the number of start-ups.
The advances in the microencapsulation technology will be further mounting with their role in the regenerative medicines and tissue engineering. Currently the regenerative market is dominated by the cell based products and cellular therapies and microcapsules are indeed incorporated into the regenerative medicines. As the microcapsule market will expand so will the regenerative market and vice versa. Apart from the regenerative medicines microcapsules will be elaborated through the diabetic segment as the advent of the bioartificial pancreas and oral insulin like innovations will be exploring the market potentials of diabetes. Furthermore, the cell transplantation and encapsulating technologies for diabetes will be reaching the new milestones in the commercial world.
The future emphasis will be on developing microencapsulated drug delivery systems for the brain that can deliver adequate amounts of drugs in a controlled manner and in response to the requirements. Some of these will be integrated with implantable devices such as microbiochips for drug delivery. Multifunctional microcapsules and microspheres will be developed as versatile tools; several formulations will serve both diagnostic and therapeutic functions. Even for the cancer treatment, microcapsules are promising for applications in cancer therapy due to their tumor homing ability and selectivity caused by the EPR effect.

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