RELA to get Considered as Novel Potential Therapy Option for Brain Cancer

Release Date: 04-Nov-2020

Brain cancer is one of the most aggressive types of cancer which is very frightening for the researchers. But due to technological advancement made in the current pharmaceutical world, it has now become possible to understand and evaluate the important molecular drivers present in the cancer that are effective in the overall initiation and progression of the brain cancer and finally develop a potential precision therapy against it.


Among all the aggressive types of brain cancer, Ependymoma is the third most aggressive type of cancer that is found in small children. As such, till now there is no effective treatment available for such type of cancer and the only therapies that are somehow able to treat the cancer to minute extent is surgery or radiation therapy. Although these two types of therapies are able to control the cancer but a targeted therapy prominent in treating cancer permanently is much required. It has been already found that a fusion protein called as C11orf95-RELA is usually identified in 70% of the supratentorial ependymomas.


As per research findings, it is estimated that RELA is a more important contributor to ependymoma initiation. Researchers on the other side have already discovered the DNA segment to which the protein binds with the help of C11orf95 fragment. The RELA fragment then stabilizes the binding dynamic and drives the expression of ependymoma-associated genes. It has also been discovered by the researchers that the fusion protein is also responsible for affecting the regulatory landscape of various cellular genomes, finally leading to the reprogramming of the gene transcription process. Therefore, targeting of different pathways as well as inhibiting multiple pathways is also bound to provide therapeutic potential, as per the researcher’s findings. All the respective findings are estimated to be effective in the treatment of one of the most aggressive type of brain cancer.

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