Two Cutting-Edge Technologies to Guide Through Cancer Treatment Decisions Entering Legal Implications

Release Date: 05-Aug-2020

Recently, the US FDA has approved two novel technologies in order to help the physicians to guide them through the process of cancer treatment. The two cutting end technologies in one tool are next-generation sequencing and liquid biopsy (uardant Health’s Guardant360 CDx assay). The older version of the liquid biopies has several limitations that limits the use of the biopies in the treatment of the cancer. The combination of next-generation sequencing and liquid biopsy by Guardant’s aids in detecting the mutations in 55 tumor genes simulataneously unlike other technologies that aids in detecting mutation in one gene at one time. The tool kit developed is leading towards a shortened wait time than any other mutation detection kit.


The breakthrough provided by the tool kit for the cancer researchers is of utmost importance. There are several different benefits obtained through the means of liquid biopsies. Some of the advantages associated with it are identification of primary site of the cancer, identification of the cancer cell type, determination of the stage of the cancer, identification of cancer-causing agents as well as the treatment that could be best suited for the patient. But it is observed that there may be cerian legal implications associated with liquid biopies. All the above-mentioned factors are considered important for product liability and malpractice lawsuits.


Studying blood specimen for the cancer diagnosis or treatment is very less invasive and cheap than a biopsy. But this has now been an issue with competing pathology experts testifying about pathology specimens. But with the liquid biopsies it becomes less dependent who will interrupt the test. There are several different queries that are raised due to this. Some of the questions raised include who will be responsible if there is a misdiagnosis and about a missed test. This issue is of major concern and all the scientists and lawyers are looking forward to resolve this.

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