Temelimab to Show Promising Early Clinical Trial Results for Auto-Immune Disorders

Release Date: 13-Aug-2020

A novel drug called as Temelimab, which is an immunoglobulin G4 monoclonal antibody has shown promising results against some auto-immune disorders such as diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis. It is witnessed that the drug shows potential towards human endogenous retroviral envelope protein called as HERV-W-Env. It is observed for that the drug can neutralize HERV-W-Env and represent itself as a disease modifying therapy for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis. But the drug is still under the clinical studies.


The clinical study regarding the same include evaluating the safety information in cases of pregnancies, antidrug antibodies and potential infusion related reactions. The clinical trial for the same includes 54 health volunteers who have received single doses of the drug temelimab. Approximetaly 334 diabetes mellitus or multipls scelerosis patients enrolled in the study received temelimab for a total exposure of 465-patient years in the phase 2 trial. When observed, there were no such differences that were noted for serious adverse events and treatment emergent adverse events between the groups that were made for the trial. Also, no differences were noted down when observed the laboratory evaluations, ECG and vital signs. Only the sign that was reported during this were rare potential infusion related reactions. Therefore, it was concluded at the end that the drug Temelimab was not linked with any risk of severe effects when injected in the patients.

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