Promising Drug Effective against Brain Cancer

Release Date: 16-Aug-2020

Globally, the brain cancer called as glioblastoma is responsible for 250,000 deaths alone. Although the cancer is associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy but the effectiveness of the treatment is only observed for months. There has been no significant improvement in the case of treatment of glioblastoma in the past few years, that is why this type of cancer needed much attention.


Brain cancer is one of the most challenging cancer to treat majorly because only few drugs are able to cross the blood brain barrier. But now, a group of Australian reseearchers have developed a drug that carries the ability to treat the most difficult type of cancer to treat i.e. glioblastoma, which direcclty accounts for more than 80% of the brain cancer. The drug is called as AZ10606120 and the drug is estimated to be a potent inhibitor against a specific type of protein called as P2X7R which is highly responsible for the growth of the tumor cells.


The results that have been experienced for the drug against the cancer is bow bringing hopes into the cancer patients. Furthermore, the study will include testing on the animal models in order to extract more information about the effecieny of the drug against glioblastoma. It is estimated that the arrival of a potent drug against brain cancer cells will definitely bring a new array of hope among the researchers and the patients who were in urgent need of a treatment.

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