Cancer Organoid Approach To Drive Personalized Cancer Drug Development

Release Date: 03-Jan-2020

Although several technologies are available to predict the response to the cancer treatments but all of the available technologies revolves around a negative loop eventually. The negative loops present in the already available technologies demanded for a novel technology that can provide the cancer researchers a surplus model to perform all the experiments. The technology of developing organoids from the small piece of cancer tissues provided the researchers an alternative to predict the response of the commercially available drugs and therapies on the cancer patients prior to the treatment.


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The technology of organoid development has been identified as one of the prominent technologies of the 21st century. The promising new approach has shifted the field of oncology many years in the future. The emergence of organoid technology as a powerful model system has accelerated the discoveries in the cancer as well as cellular biology. According to the researchers, the development of organoid technology will help in the prediction of the treatment response and will also support the idea of personalization of the treatment plans according to the individual.


Models developed from the organoid technology are well designed to answer variety of questions because of its capability to remain amenable to various techniques such as transcriptome sequencing, high-throughput genome sequencing and biochemical and genetic perturbation. The development of organoids for diverse types of human cancers such as bladder, breast, pancreas, livers and lungs has expanded the knowledge about the etiology as well as the important characteristics of the malignancies involved in the cancer.  


The high involvement of the technology in transforming the limitations of the basic medical research as well as advanced research gets considered as an important aspect of the organoid technology. Organoid through its conventional screening system can revolutionize the traditional methods for the testing of the drugs; it can independently aid in the discovery of new drug and potentially can provide itself as a well-established platform for the development of personalized medicine for the specific patient.


Cellesce, MIMETAS, Hubrecht Organoid Technology, Crown Biosciences, Atomwise are some of the major key players of the organoid development and marketing. Joint ventures between the established pharmaceutical companies provide the powerful strategies adapted by them to accelerate the drug discovery through the organoids and eventually the market of the organoid technology. The involvement of big pharma companies in the development of organoid technology will boost the market of the organoid technology to infinite height. The expanded license between Cellesce and Hubrecht organoid technology will provide an in-depth analysis about the breast cancer organoids.


The number of the clinical trials that are currently in the clinical phase trials clearly depicts the impressive future of the technology in the future. The discovery of tumor organoids represents a major milestone on the route towards cancer research. The combination of the organoid technology with the already available cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy is supposed to increase the market for chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other available treatments as well. Our intense analysis about the technology depicts the involvement of the efficient translation of the basic as well as advanced cancer research into novel therapeutics regimens for the patients having cancer.

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