Cancer Organoid Approach for Transforming Human Cancer Modeling

Release Date: 02-Jan-2020

For a very long time, the prediction of accurate treatment response in the patients was considered as a day-dream among the researchers. Although several technologies are available for predicting the treatment response, but the discovery of the traditional technologies were not enough to develop a finest prediction model for human cancer and other diseases. However, the discovery of organoid technology developed a ray of hope among the researchers and with the passing time the hope of developing a perfect model for predicting cancer treatment response in the patient became true.


The advent of organoid technology made it possible to design and to develop a perfect model of human cancer accurately. A small piece from the parent tissue is enough to develop a complete organ with complete characteristics of the organ and therefore representing all the important components of the cancer development and progression. The capability of organoids to develop just like the parent organ has made it possible to study about the development and progression of the cancer in it. By mimicking the primary organ, the organoid is applicable to undergo all the commercially available treatments and implement a treatment that is convincible than any other treatment.


Organoid technology can explore the fundamental biology of the cancer malignancy and can thereby identify and evaluate new diagnostic and strategies for the treatment. The technology is responsible for rapid evolution of the drugs and therapies in the clinical as well as preclinical settings. The organoid developed from the sample tissues are considered as a model to probe the perform research in the cancer biology and thus provide a deep in-sight about the progress of the different cancers in different individuals.


As the technology holds promising approach in the cancer research field, a big part of this accomplishment is achieved by the presence of major key players of the organoid technology in the market. Cellesce, MIMETAS, Hubrecht Organoid Technology, Crown Biosciences and Atomwise are some of the major key drivers for the development of the organoid market in the developed regions such as North America and Europe. Ongoing clinical trials and new joint ventures between the pharma companies will boost the market for the organoid technology in the future. Currently, the number of advantages received by the respective technology is more than the number of challenges received; therefore the technology is expected to revolutionize the scenario of the cancer treatment in the near future.

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