34 GW of Solar Power Capacity Required in India by 2022

Release Date: 14-Dec-2012

India will need 34 GW of cumulative installed solar capacity by 2022 in order to meet its Renewable Purchase Obligation. The amendment in National Tariff Policy in January 2011 resulted in increase in solar specific Renewable Purchase Obligation from minimum of 0.25% in 2012 to 3% by 2022.

Solar power has emerged as one of the key renewable sources and presents an exciting opportunity for India. In past few years, the solar PV industry has experienced substantial growth primarily driven by favourable policies of central and state governments to support its development. The Gujarat State Solar Policy and the Centre’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) are at the forefront of solar power development in India. As a result, power generation capacities from solar have increased from 20 MW in FY’2011 to around 1050 MW by November'2012. Most of the installed capacity comes from Gujarat (690 MW) followed by Rajasthan (201 MW).

States like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Maharashtra are emerging as more prominent future PV installation destination for developers and installers. These states have taken positive steps and introduced their own solar programmes as well as FITs, or are expected to announce their solar ambitions in the course of this year to exploit their solar potential. 

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