Vactosertib Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Osteosarcoma

Release Date: 17-Sep-2021

Medpacto’s Vactosertib Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation to the combination therapy of Vactosertib and PD-L1 inhibitors for treating osteosarcoma. Osteosarcoma is a tumor that occurs in bone or osteoid tissue, such as cartilage around the bone. It is one of the most common childhood cancers. It is rare cancer that accounts for 5.6 percent of sarcoma. Vactosertib received the FDA designation for the second time in 2021 alone.  Medpacto received orphan drug designation for Vactocertib in pancreatic cancer in July, rapidly expanding the indications from common carcinomas to rare cancers.


Patients with osteosarcoma normally receive chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Approximately 45.5 percent of them undergo operation combined with chemotherapy, and only 15.9 percent solely depend on medicines.  The demand for new therapeutic options steadily increases, as chemotherapy relies on moderately old methods.

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