Title Date
Global Oncolytic Virus Therapy Market & Pipeline Report Published by KuicK Research Apr-2017
Global Orphan Therapy Clinical Pipeline Market Report Published by KuicK Research Apr-2017
Personalized Cancer Vaccines Market Report Published By KuicK Research Apr-2017
Global Cancer Immunotherapy Market Report 2022 Published by Kuick Research Apr-2017
Global Cancer Nanomedicine Market Report Published by KuicK Research Apr-2017
NH Therapeutics receives orphan drug designation for congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism Feb-2017
CIRARA by Remedy Pharmaceuticals receives Orphan Drug Status Feb-2017
FDA approves SD-809 for orphan drug designation Dec-2016
Phyto-pain pharma declared the submission of orphan drug application for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol & Cannabidiol Nov-2016
FDA grants orphan drug designation to Nintedanib for Systemic Sclerosis Oct-2016
Cancer Immunotherapy Pipeline Has 1834 Drugs In Clinical Trials Oct-2015
Personalized Cancer Vaccines to Transform Oncology Market L&scape Nov-2014
Orphan Drugs Show Potential With 600 Drugs in Pipeline Sep-2014
Cancer Immunotherapy Shows Potential With 1080 Drugs in Pipeline Sep-2014
South Korea Aiming to Be Global Leader In Biosimilar Development Sep-2014
Cancer Vaccines Market Emerges As Next Big Opportunity Sep-2014
Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Market Offers Investment Opportunity Sep-2014
Saudi Arabia Medical Device Market Offers Billion Dollar Opportunity Sep-2014
UAE Diabetes Market Offers Untapped Potential Sep-2014
Controlled Drug Release Market To Grow Exponentially Sep-2014
Cancer Immunotherapy To Supersede Traditional Treatment Methods Sep-2014
Global Intranasal Drug Market To Surpass USD 20 Billion by 2019 Sep-2014
Global Biosimilars Market Has 276 Drugs in Clinical Pipeline Aug-2014
India Cord Blood Banking Witnessing Exponential Growth Aug-2014
China Will Spend USD 700 Billion To Build Aerospace Industries Aug-2014
Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Offers Unexplored Opportunities Aug-2014
Global COPD Drug Market To Reach USD 17 Billion by 2018 Aug-2014
Saudi Arabia Has To Rely on European Pharmaceuticals Imports Aug-2014
HIV Infection Drug Market Undergoing Clinical Transformation Aug-2014
South Korea Biosimilars Market to Reach USD 150 Million by 2018 Aug-2014
Global Radiopharmaceuticals Market USD 10 Billion Opportunity Aug-2014
Cancer Immunotherapy Market To Surpass USD 24 Billion by 2020 Aug-2014
US Cancer Vaccines Market To Maintain Its Growth Momentum Aug-2014
Europe Orphan Drug Market To Surpass USD 50 Billion by 2018 Aug-2014
HIV Vaccine Market Driven By Preclinical Research In Immunology Aug-2014
RNAi Therapy Market Dominated by Oncology Focused Drugs Aug-2014
Australia Shale Gas Industry Developments Analyzed by KuicK Research Aug-2014
India Baby Care Market To Surpass USD 2 Billion by 2018 Aug-2014
Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Market Witnessing Exponential Growth Aug-2014
Global Orphan Drug Market Drive by High Profitability Rate Aug-2014
Pulmonary Drug Delivery Driven By Extended Application Aug-2014
RNAi Therapy Set To Diversify Drug Delivery Mechanism Aug-2014
Immunotherapy To Transform Cancer Drug Market Dynamics Aug-2014
Antibodies Emerging As Viable Treatment for Cancers Aug-2014
COPD Drug Market to Surpass USD 17 Billion by 2018 Aug-2014
Booming India IVF Treatment Market Analyzed by KuicK Research Aug-2014
Transdermal Drug Delivery Market Opportunity Assessment Report Aug-2014
US Accounts for 50% of Global Cancer Vaccine Market Jul-2014
US Orphan Drug Market To Surpass USD 60 Billion by 2018 Jul-2014
Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Market To Treble by 2020 Jul-2014
Cancer Drugs Dominating Global Orphan Drug Market L&scape Jul-2014
Cancer Immunotherapy Offers Unexplored Market Opportunities Jul-2014
India Reverse Logistics Market Offers USD 18 Billion Opportunity May-2014
Transdermal Drug Delivery Market To Surpass USD 40 Billion By 2018 May-2014
US Cancer Vaccine Market To Surpass USD 24 Billion by 2018 Apr-2014
Global Orphan Drug Market To Surpass USD 100 Billion by 2015 Apr-2014
Radiopharmaceuticals Market to Surpass USD 10 Billion by 2018 Apr-2014
India Refurbished Medical Equipment Market To Grow Exponentially Apr-2014
Global Cell Therapy Market Witnessing Significant Growth Apr-2014
HIV Vaccine Need Driven by Focus on Prevention Of Disease Apr-2014
RNAi Therapy Emerged As Inseparable Tool In Drug Delivery Apr-2014
Cancer Remains The Key Targeted Condition For Gene Therapies Apr-2014
China Set To Dominate Global Smart Grid Spending Apr-2014
Australia Shale Gas Boom To Strengthen Its LNG Export Market Apr-2014
COPD Drug Market to Witness Exponential Growth Apr-2014
Skin Cancer Dominating US Cancer Vaccine Pipeline Feb-2014
India IVF Market To Surpass USD 4 Billion by 2018 Feb-2014
Global Orphan Drug Market to Reach USD 120 Billion by 2018 Feb-2014
UAE to Drive Gulf Defense Spending: 20% of Gulf Defense Agreements are from UAE Nov-2013
Indian IVF Treatment Market Witnessing Exponential Growth Nov-2013
Brazil Medical Device Market Offers USD 12 Billion by 2017 Oct-2013
South Korea to Emerge as Leading Biosimilar Market by 2020 Oct-2013
Saudi Arabia Pharmaceuticals Import to Surpass USD 5 Billion by 2018 Oct-2013
India E Waste Recycle Market Offers USD 1.5 Billion Opportunity Sep-2013
South Korea Government Investing in Biosimilar Market Aug-2013
Saudi Arabia Offers Billion Dollar Opportunity for Halal Cosmetics Products Aug-2013
Shale Gas To Transform China Energy Sector Dynamics Jul-2013
Indian Paint Industry to Surpass USD 10 Billion by 2017 Jul-2013
China Focusing on Domestic Development to Meet Rising Aircraft Dem& Jul-2013
South Korea Biosimilar Pipeline: 11 Biosimilars in Development Phase Jul-2013
Indian IVD Market to Double by 2016 Jun-2013
Brazil Medical Device Import to Surpass USD 9 Billion by 2018 Jun-2013
GCC Region Targeting More Than 50 GW of Solar Capacity by 2032 Jun-2013
Brazil Targeting 11 GW of Wind Capacity by 2018 Jun-2013
India as Hub for Fertility (IVF Treatment) Tourism Jun-2013
Infrastructure Investments Escalating Saudi Arabia Cement Dem& Jun-2013
Indian IVD Market Offers Abundant Expansion Opportunities May-2013
China to Drive Global Aviation Industry Business May-2013
Singapore Witnessed 250 New Clinical Trial Studies in 2012 May-2013
Russia Witnessed 900 New Clinical Trial Studies in 2012 May-2013
Middle East Drift Towards Renewable Energy May-2013
Indian Genetic Screening Market to Treble by 2018 May-2013
Indian In Vitro Diagnostics Market To Surpass USD 1 Billion by 2016 May-2013
Indian Specialty Clinics Market Emerged as Billion Dollar Opportunity May-2013
India Cord Blood Banking Market Witnessing Double Digit Growth May-2013
Indian CCTV Market to Witness Steady Conversion to IP Based Surveillance System May-2013
Solar Energy to Dominate Middle East Renewable Energy Initiatives Apr-2013
China Set to Dominate Global Aviation Industry Investment L&scape Apr-2013
UAE to Emerge as IVF Treatment Hub in Middle East Region Apr-2013
India Cosmetic Surgery Market: Untapped Billion Dollar Opportunity Apr-2013
Middle East Shifting Focus from Hydrocarbons to Renewable Energy Mar-2013
Favorable Outlook for Saudi Arabia Cement Sector Mar-2013
Genetic Testing Market in India Feb-2013
India Emerging as Sourcing Hub for Specialty Chemicals Feb-2013
Successful Bidders to Invest USD 2 Billion in Chinese Shale Blocks Feb-2013
India IVF Treatment Market to Surpass USD 2 Billion by 2014 Feb-2013
Saudi Arabia Cement Consumption to Surpass 60 MT by 2015 Feb-2013
Turkey Wind Power Installed Capacity Surpassed 2200 MW in 2012 Feb-2013
China Second Shale Gas Block Auction Results Jan-2013
Australia Leading Residential PV Systems Market Jan-2013
Research Study Highlights Solar Power Development in India Jan-2013
India Electronic Security Equipment Market To Double by 2016 Jan-2013
Significance of Renewable Energy for India Jan-2013
Turkey Targeting 20 GW Wind Capacity by 2023 Jan-2013
Projects Under State Level Policies Driving Solar Power Installations in India Jan-2013
Booming Cosmetic Surgery Market in India Jan-2013
Why GCC Region is Focusing on Renewable Energy? Jan-2013
Booming Electronic Security Equipment Market in India Jan-2013
Booming Luxury Retail Market in India Jan-2013
34 GW of Solar Power Capacity Required in India by 2022 Dec-2012
Electronic Security Equipment Market in India Dec-2012
National Solar Mission Phase II Draft Policy Released in India Dec-2012
Japan Witnessing Solar Energy Investment Boom Dec-2012
India has 25 GW of Installed Renewable Energy Capacity Nov-2012
Emerging Solar Power Sector in Australia Nov-2012
South Korea LNG Imports to Surpass 45 Million Tons in 2017 Nov-2012
Increasing Wind Power Investment from Government & Private Sector in South Korea Nov-2012
Skin Care Dominating Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market in India Nov-2012
India Cosmetic Surgery Market Outlook Nov-2012
India Has Required Policy Framework To Emerge as Leading Solar Power Market in World Nov-2012
India Targeting 20 GW of Grid Connected Solar Power by 2022 Nov-2012
Floating Solar Power Plant in Japan by 2013 Nov-2012
Government Subsidy for Shale Gas Exploration in China Nov-2012
India Targeting 53 GW Renewable Energy Capacity by 2017 Nov-2012
Booming Wind Power Capacity in South Korea Nov-2012
Wind Power in Brazil Nov-2012
China To Consume More Than 370 Bcm of Natural Gas by 2020 Nov-2012
Solar Power As Preferred Source For Clean Energy In Japan Oct-2012
Shale Gas Will Have Multi Dimensional Effects On China Energy Sector Oct-2012
More Than 1 GW of Solar Capacity Added In Australia Oct-2012
Emergence Of GCC Region As Solar Energy Investment Hub Oct-2012
India Targets To Install Over 22000 MW Of Solar Power By 2022 Oct-2012
Japan Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff Structure Favors Solar Power Development Oct-2012
Australia Solar Power Sector Outlook Oct-2012
GCC Countries To Look Beyond Oil And Gas Assets Oct-2012
South Korea Holds More Than 100 GW Of Wind Power Potential Oct-2012
Ayurvedic Cosmetics Emerged As New Growth Frontier For Beauty Business In India Oct-2012
Japan Targets 14 GW Solar Power by 2015 Oct-2012
Shale Gas Will Give Australia The Required Thrust To Dominate Global LNG Trade Oct-2012
China To Auction 20 Shale Gas Blocks In October Sep-2012
India Targets 18 GW of Renewable Energy Addition By 2017 Sep-2012
Energy From Waste Proving To Be Booming Market In India Sep-2012
South Korea To Focus On Development Of Wind Power Sector Sep-2012
Japan Emerged as Third Largest Solar Power Market in 2011 Sep-2012
Japan Added More Than 1 GW Solar Power in 2011 Sep-2012
Wind Power To Dominate South Korea Renewable Energy Efforts Sep-2012
Biosimilar Companies In India Have Edge Over Their Global Counterparts Sep-2012
India IVF Treatment Market To Witness Equity Investments & Acquisitions Aug-2012
Brazil Wind Power Capacity Grew By 80% CAGR During 2006 to 2011 Aug-2012
Diesel Engines To Fuel Indian Automobile Industry Growth Story Aug-2012
India As Biosimilar Development Hub Aug-2012
Australia Shale Gas Market Overview Aug-2012
UAE & Saudi Arabia to Drive Renewable Energy Initiatives in GCC Region Aug-2012
South Korea Wind Power Capacity Rose By 50% CAGR in Last Decade Aug-2012
GCC Renewable Energy Initiatives Offers Imense Opportunity For Solar Companies To Exp& Business Operations Aug-2012
Saudi Arabia Set Ambitious Target of Installing More Than 40 GW of Solar Power Capacity by 2032 Aug-2012
Rising Investments Indicate Unbound Future Of Australia Shale Gas Development Aug-2012
Research Study Gives Comprehensive Insight On Indian Biosimilar Market Aug-2012
China Second Shale Gas Auction Draws Phenomenal Response From Investors Aug-2012
Research Study Highlights Renewable Energy Sector Investments Opportunity in GCC Region Aug-2012
GCC Region To Focus On Solar Power To Diversify Its Energy Mix Aug-2012
Government Reforms Driving Power Sector Expansion In Brazil Jul-2012
Shale Gas Exploration & Development To Transform China Energy Sector Dynamics: KuicK Research Jul-2012
Brazil Electricity Consumption To Surpass 500 TWh by 2016 Jul-2012
Turkey Emerging As Favored Destination For Power Sector Investments Jul-2012
UAE Power Sector Offers Immense Opportunity For Private Sector Investments Jul-2012
IVF Treatment Cycles To Witness Double Digit Growth In India Jul-2012
Shale Gas Transforming Energy Sector Dynamics Jul-2012
India Sitting On Huge Waste To Energy Potential Jul-2012
Wind Power To Dominate Renewable Energy Initiatives In Brazil Jul-2012
Shale Gas Development To Strengthen Australia LNG Export Market Jul-2012
China Healthcare Expenditure Expected To Surpass US$ 450 Billion By 2014 Jul-2012
Upcoming Research Study Identifies Unexplored Shale Gas Potential In Australia Jun-2012
Turkey Wind Power Installed Capacity To Surpass 2.2 GW By 2012 Jun-2012
China To Replicate U.S Shale Gas Success Story In Coming Decade Jun-2012
Upcoming Research Report Highlights Opportunity In Shale Gas Exploration And Development In China Jun-2012
The Great Indian Dividend Converting Urban & Industrial Waste to Energy Jun-2012
Fairness Cream Sales to Dominate Male Cosmetics Market in India Jun-2012
Increasing Infertility Rate Driving IVF Treatment Market in India May-2012
Nuclear Energy To Dominate UAE Power Sector Expansion Process May-2012
Renewable Energy Set to Dominate UAE Power Sector L&scape Apr-2012
UAE Power Sector Installed Capacity Anticipated to Surpass 30 GW by 2013 Apr-2012
Turkey Wind Power Installed Capacity Grew By More Than 25% During 2011: KuicK Research Apr-2012
Indian Male Consumers Willing to Pay Premium Price for Male Specific Cosmetics Products Mar-2012
Brazil Wind Power Installed Capacity Increased by 50% During 2011: KuicK Research Mar-2012
Brazil to Emerge as Wind Power Capital of Latin America Mar-2012
Renewable Energy to Emerge as Next Growth Frontier for Turkey Feb-2012
Favorable Policy & Regulatory Framework to Drive Turkey Power Sector Feb-2012
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